Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our Addition to the House- Under Construction!

Here is the front of the house... blurry because it's a picture of a picture!
Half Bath Laundry Room

Hall &Hall closet
Laundry room after Closet after

This is where we enter the house from the back.. and the blue part is a random shed that just has stairs to a basement that we don't use- it gets water....

side view- This is where the addition is going, off the back of the house...take away the deck and that blue thing that leads to a basement that has no purpose other than collecting water when it rains.. and this is where the new family room is going with a renovated and combined half bath and laundry room. Above the family room will be a master bath and master bedroom.

I don't have one of the bathroom torn apart but I think you get the picture... right now it is blocked off!
Well, thats what they've gotten done in 2 days(actually this was all one day, I didn't take any pictures today!!)... I thought I had pics of the bathroom and laundry empty but I couldn't find them at the moment.

I will keep everyone updated on the progess :)

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