Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on the Boys

Yesterday I had an u/s and a Dr. apt. I ended up seeing a midwife because they switched my apt from Tues to Monday (I wasn't seeing my regular doc anyways). The midwife was nice and thorough and mentioned things the doc hasn't yet- but that could be because I am further along now than the last time I actually saw my own doctor. ANYWAYS.....

I gained one pound in 3ish weeks, so thats good. Babies heart rates were good.. and I am measuring 34weeks (if I was having a singleton) I am 27 weeks... thats good though because I have heard some ladies measuring as much as 10weeks bigger.

Babies- at the u/s both boys looked great, heartbeats were perfect, size/growth was great. Baby B- Ryan.. measured at 2lbs 10oz :) And he gave us some good pics and good pics the other day at our 3d/4d u/s where they make the video and stuff... he was kicking a lot too! Baby A- Gavin.. measured 2lbs 5 oz, he was more head down and didnt give us a good look at his face, but did give a profile and a foot shot. :) the tech said that its not that baby A is smaller, baby B is just a little bigger than average at the moment.
So, all looked good with them and with me. I had my gestational diabetes test today, who knows when I will find out the results.. maybe if I have it they will call and schedule the 3hr test (ugh) but maybe they will wait til my next apt in 2 weeks, who knows. I go every 2 weeks now for appointments and still every 4 for u/s. I also found out that I will get non-stress tests because of the twins, those will be done in labor and delivery. I had them with Conner because of the Gest. Diabetes but they were done in the office, but that was the doctor's old office. So its good I got my visit to the hospital over with when I saw my friend Heather's baby. That trip was very emotional in good and bad ways. So that's taken care of and I think the NST start I think she said after 30 weeks, usually around 34.

I think that is it for now. I am going to try and scan some pictures at some point too.

Yesterday Conner asked how I got the babies in my tummy and why... then he said he doesn't want them to come home and we should give them to someone we don't know. He doesn't want them to take his toys. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Quick update... had my shower at school today.. it wasn't a surprise and I still cried when I got in... The whole pregnancy thing is emotional for me and brings back many emotions... I am happy, I am sad for Leah... happy I am blessed with these babies.... it is a lot of emotions... and just the thought of all the trouble everyone went through at work to do this for me..... it overwhelms me and makes me cry again.... I am very grateful... as the babies are kicking me right now.

Here I am at 26w4d