Monday, April 9, 2007

Conversations With Conner

So, at the young old age of 3 (well, almost, 3 in May), Conner is very wise and always wanting more information.
Here are some conversations we have regularly:
Conner: Where's daddy?
Me: He's at work
Conner: Why he at work?
Me: Because he has to work until 5:00
Conner: Why?
Me: Because thats what time he has to work until
Conner: Why?
Me: Because he has a lot of work to do and then he can go home at 5:00
Conner: Why?
Me: When he is done he will come home.
Conner: Okay Mamma.
another one---
Me: Why is that guy driving up my butt?
Conner: Why he drive up your butt?
Me: He wants me to go faster even though I am going the speed limit
Conner: Why you drive faster?
Me: I can't drive faster, I have to drive the speed limit
Conner: Why?
Me: Because the policeman says so
Conner: Why he say so?
Me: Because he doesn't want us to get in an accident.
Conner: Why?
Me: Because he doesn't want us to get hurt.
Conner: Why? Why he don't want us to get hurt?
Me: He wants us to be safe.
Conner: Okay.
Sometimes they go on and on forever so I try to come up with answers that will satisfy him! He is a very curious boy. I will try to remember more conversations with Conner because they happen a million times a day :) He is too cute.

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