Thursday, March 13, 2008

Been A Long Time

I was looking back at my myspace blogs to copy and update over here because it has been forever... I have a hard time keeping up with all my new groups and stuff.... I was looking for a pregnancy update blog.... but I don't have one!
I think I have just been waiting and being cautiously optimistic and just waiting to blog for when I had a lot of news and good pictures to scan! Well, the scanner isn't hooked up -- STILL, and my last u/s was at 10w4d and I couldn't take good pictures of the pictures and get them on the computer... Conner took a belly pic of me, it isn't the greatest.. so I need to get on the ball about that and scanning the pics.
Things are going well so far... hungry, tired, heartburn.... had some bleeding and spotting in the beginning but it has all stopped.... KNOCK ON WOOD... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.
So I am excited and of course nervous at the same time for many reasons.
But thats about it for now...... I will be better about blogging soon... I have to keep up with my American Idol blogs on myspace :)
Thanks for reading!

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