Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fertility Appointment

So, we had our appointment at The Reproductive Science Center yesterday... 2 hours later and a lot of info given, I have mixed emotions.

The next step in my fertility treatment would be to move on to injectible meds. They don't like people to be on clomid for more than 6 months for many reasons... this is my month 6. They also may put me on a drug called metformin to help with my cycles- along with the injectible meds . I thought I was getting ahead of the game by getting all my bloodwork done ahead of time but it looks like I won't be able to have the IUI (intra-uterine insemination) next month. I have to have an HSG done again because its been 4 yrs since the last one. An HSG is thwhere they shoot die into your uterus and fallopian tubes to see if they are blocked or not. I can't have the IUI and HSG done in the same month so this disappointed me a bit. I also have to get more bloodwork donebut I don't mind that I have good veins! But, I want to get moving on this and it wouldve been perfect timing because school is now starting a whole week later because of budget stuff so it wouldn't make things harder with morning appointments- bloodwork and ultrasounds. - When you are doing an IUI cycle you have to go in many days for bloodwork to check your hormones and ultrasounds to check your follicles growing so that they can time the insemination perfectly with ovulation. Now this is all going to end up being done around the 2nd or 3rd week of September. Depending on what time I can get my u/s done I can get up early- and they said I can get it done in Gardner- not drive all the way to Lexington- so thats good... I maybe only miss my first class... but- this comes first in my life right now, and it will only be a few times (well, I dont know, maybe 5-6?)

I still have to make a few phone calls and remind them to send Joe's bloodwork from my OB's office to RSC and my bloodwork was incomplete so they need to send the whole thing again because one part wasn't ready when they sent it and its an important one- the estrogen!

The injectible meds kinda scare me but I knew that was the next step in getting me pregnant and I will deal with it- I will suck it up! Gotta do what ya gotta do.
This is all of course if I don't get pregnant this month. Which- of course I want to... but then I think well, maybe I am better off with having them monitor me and whatnot.
The chance of getting pregnant is higher with the injectible meds and the chance of overstimulating the ovaries is smaller because they are monitoring me. The chance with having multiples goes from 5% on clomid to 20% with the injectibles. The psychic said I was going to have twins! Of course that would be nice... a LOT of hard work and I am sure my life would be drastically changed but.. I have no control over it really. It would be nice if I had boy/girl twins or both girls.... you see, I want to have a girl.. and if I get pregnant with one child and its a boy, I am going to want to try again for a girl-- I LOVE MY BOY, but I do want a girl too. It would be easier to get it done with one pregnancy- if I get pregnant with one girl I will be done no more kids but if its not, I have to go through all this fertility stuff again and a worrysome pregnancy because of what happened last time and that will be hard, thats why getting it done with one more pregnancy would be best.. does this make sense?

So who knows right now, my ovaries are killing me right now so it's about that time!

And by the way, my biopsy (on my boob!) came back normal, the lump is just a lump. GOOD
We shall see what happens... Stay tuned for addition updates maybe a DEAR blog like Shanny does a blog about Conner and his soccer and how he is having surgery on a cyst he has on his chest :( I am very scared about this! The whole surgery thing on my baby!


Tina said...


Glad you got to the appointment! Sure, a lot of information - but better than what you have been given! The norm is no more than 6 consecutive cycles on Clomid - it has something to do with 1) if it is not working, it is better to move onto something better and 2) I think too many cycles on it can cause other complications (I have to go back an search it out on Dr. Google...).

Just a few things for you to think about:

1. Why are they just putting you on Metformin? Do they think you have PCOS or are diabetic? Before starting that med, which can have side-effects, you should ask the WHY. A friend of mine is on it because she is diabetic, but it was a hard med to get used to.

2. You still have a chance (actually, more over Clomid) of over-stimulation with injectables until they can get the right dose for you. They should start you LOW and then increase - not start high and decrease. If they start you high and it is too much, you will overstim and/or end up with cysts. If they start you low and you are not responding well enough, they can increase. It is better for you.

3. When I had my u/s monitoring done for my IUI, I had about 3-4 sessions - make sure your first one is around CD 10 (although it might be a little earlier on injectables).

4. I have heard of other women being able to do an IUI cycle during the HSG cycle. Is there a specific reason they don't want to? Allegedly, you are very fertile after the HSG since everything is cleared out. ;)

I hope this helps... :) It would be MUCH better, though, if this Clomid cycle worked!


Grateful Always said...

Watching from afar about the journey you are taking and know you are a bit nervous about injectables. I have a dear friend with some immediate success! I hope the same for you!